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M1 S1: 1st year, 1st semester

All courses take place over 24 hours. Two refresher courses are proposed in computer science and mathematics to help students who would need some upgrade to attend the program in good conditions; taking at least one of them is mandatory and decided by the teaching team based on the student's background. Students can always choose to attend both.

Courses of the first (fall) semester

Name Status Teaching hours Credits (ECTS)
Refresher in mathematics Optional 24 3
Refresher in computer science Optional 24
Python and tools for research Mandatory 24
Fundamental notions of mathematics Mandatory 24 3
Probability 1 Mandatory 24 3
Statistics 1 Mandatory 24 3
Algorithms and their complexity 1 Mandatory 24 3
Data bases 1 Mandatory 24 3
Machine learning 1: Hands on! Mandatory 24 3
Machine learning 2: The landscape of machine learning Mandatory 24 3
Ethics & law: Legal aspects of data analysis Mandatory 24 3
English Optional 24 3
Foreign language (other than English) Optional 24
French for foreign students Optional 24

Head of Master program

Pierre Chainais-

Administration, secretary